Frequently ask Questions

How long does the staging stay in for?

Our staging packages last for four weeks plus one week free of charge. The first week covers photography and marketing, while the other four are for the open homes and the final sale or auction. This is generally proven to be an adequate period to achieve a sale, but if you do need to extend the charge is on a weekly basis.

Who is responsible for insuring the staging or hired items?

While at the property, all hired items will be covered by Homebase’s insurance at no additional charge.

Can you stage my home while I still have furniture in it?

Homebase provides a Pick ‘n’ Mix service, which is the perfect solution for if you’re living in your home while you try to sell it. We can work within your budget to bring in individual pieces of furniture, accessories or art to enhance the items that already exist in your home.

Can a designer come to my new home and help style it?

All of our designers at Homebase have been trained in design and have experience in styling interior spaces. We can help style your own furniture and give advice on new furniture to purchase. Or for an interior make-over, our Fresh Eyes service advises on.

Can I buy any of the items in my staged home?

Generally Homebase does not sell their staging stock, but if you wish to purchase any of the items in the staging, we can usually source these for you.

What are the different styles of furniture you work with?

At Homebase we pride ourself on having a diverse range of furniture to provide a variety of styles. We are able to work in with any home from a stark, contemporary apartment to an elegant French-style villa, from a cute and cosy bungalow to a rustic farmhouse. Our collection also allows us to successfully add particular items to your already furnished home, to work in with the existing furniture. Have a look at our Homestaging Portfolio to get a small peek into the items we have on offer.

Can we use the staged furniture?

The furniture may be used if you are living in the house while selling. However, it must only be used for the purpose that it is intended for and any damaged caused to the furniture from incorrect use will be the responsibility if the hirer.

Can I come into your warehouse and choose what goes into my house?

You are welcome to come into our warehouse in Rosebank Rd, Avondale, Auckland CBD to choose items to hire.

What should I do to my house before I put it on the market?

When selling your home it is important to present the property in the best possible light. To help you with this, Homebase has designed a ‘Getting ready to move’ checklist.

When does the staging need to be installed?

It is best for the staging to be installed the day before photography is scheduled. Depending on the size of the house, it can take anything from an hour to a day to install the furniture. To make sure that the staging is presented to the highest possible standard, we ask that the photos are not booked for the same day.

What should I do with the ugly curtains?

If the house has damaged or dated curtains, it is best to take them down and leave the windows clean and clear. You can leave the curtains in a cupboard so they are sold with the house.