I’ve been meaning to get in touch to thank you for the amazing job you did with our house. It sold in six days and the price went beyond our wildest dreams. The agent reports everyone who came through the house, without exception, commented on how beautifully decorated it was…thanks to you guys. One woman asked if I was an interior designer? A couple of people asked if they were the successful bidder at auction could they buy some things from us, including your hide rug that was in the media room! I think the reaction from prospective buyers tells me you got the look and feel just right…it wasn’t like a display home that no-one would ever live in, yet it was stunning enough to produce that WOW factor and a genuine desire to live here. We are so pleased we used you and believe it was the best investment we could have made to ensure top dollar at auction. Thanks again girls …you were all a pleasure to work with and you really know your stuff!

Neva and David Sinclair